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Iced Mango Matcha



Fresh ripened mango ¼
Hot water ¼ cup
Sown™ Oat Creamer ¼ cup
Matcha powder 1 tablespoon
Ice cubes


1. Mash ¼ cup mango with a fork or puree in a blender.

2. Place the pureed or mashed mango at the bottom of your glass.

3. Top with ice cubes.

4. In a separate glass, mix matcha powder with a small amount of the hot water to make a paste. Add remaining water and stir with a spoon or froth with an immersion blender.

5. Layer matcha mixture and SOWN™ Oat Creamer on top of mango.

6. Stir to mix matcha and mango, or enjoy as is!